Team Fit Quest



This class is focused on teaching basic yoga postures while incorporating the importance of breath and movement. Classes are scaled and modified for all levels as we explore the basics of yoga posturing.


Restorative Yoga is a great blend of relaxing yoga postures that can be performed by nearly anyone interested in enhancing their current state of mobility. Extra yoga mats are available.


Yoga Fit is a dynamic blend of body weight movements, yoga postures, cardio, and breathwork. This class has scaled and modified exercises, but it is generally recommended for those seeking a moderate to advance take on yoga.


This is a mindfulness class focused on gaining clarity and emotional intelligence. This is a guided meditation course that can enhance stress management and empty the mental madness in a non-judgmental environment. Great for all skill levels.


Yoga Sculpt is a yoga class that compliments yoga postures with light weights and dynamic movements to accelerate both muscle growth and flexibility. This class is generally recommended for those seeking a more moderate to advance approach to a yoga class.


Work with a trained, professional Integrative Health & Wellness Coach in co-creating an individualized lifestyle program to enhance your current state of health and wellness. By appointment only.


If you’re like me, you know that human growth and development can be enhanced to a state of maximal potential. However, for most of us, awareness alone is not enough to constitute influential behavior and lifestyle changes. On the journey to live life well, Team Fit Quest is a growth oriented community designed to provide mindful resources and an environment that produces effective performance in all areas of life. Join me in creating a shift of consciousness from a holistic approach to living our best life.



I am definitely a beginner when it comes to Yoga, so I am sure you can understand my hesitation when I found out my gym would be hosting a yoga class two nights a week. Of course, I wanted to do it but I was just nervous I wouldn’t be able to; physically that is. Noah is a gem of an instructor. At no point did I ever feel like I didn’t belong. He made sure to help scale movements that I wasn’t getting so that I could still participate and benefit from the class. There is always something new we are working on and no class is the same so it keeps things interesting. I feel like I am finally beginning to progress and really look forward to our yoga days thanks to Noah. I must not forget to mention the vibe, the music is amazing, the attitude is chill and you will always leave for the night feeling relaxed, refreshed, and light.
Nikki Schachter