Team Fit Quest


My own quest began nearly a decade ago as I found myself lost and beaten with the lesson stick of life.  We all have stories that bring significance and value to the characters we choose to become. One of my greatest lessons came at the highest expense when I was involved in a single vehicle accident that claimed the life of a close friend. As the responsible party for this incident, I found myself at the crossroads of consequence and awakening. Time was suddenly in my favor as I rode this emotional rollercoaster into a twelve-year prison sentence.

During this time, I was determined to translate my negative experience into a positive outcome. I started reading any self-development literature I could get my hands on and then started implementing those principle into my life. A shift in my awareness caused me to search deeper within myself through meditation and physical activity. In the mist of this journey, I became a wellness addict. This became the catalyst of creation for Team Fit Quest.

I had a burning desire to lead an inspirational path that would bring joy and fulfillment into the lives of those around me. A healthy mind can produce a thriving physical platform to a life lived well. An individual’s success is determined in the mechanism of reaction. My personal quest to living my best life is an ongoing journey of infinite improvement. May we all surmount our darkest hours and prosper.


Yoga Teacher Training 200 Certificate

Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate

Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) Certified