Team Fit Quest

Limitless Potential

Wellness is its own language spoken through four energies: the mind, the body, the spirit, and the love for life itself. When one learns to harness these elements in a collaborated effort, they become bi-products of greatness. This enhanced skill set is ongoing and ever-changing, but it literally becomes the difference between ordinary output and extraordinary. We may feel this in glimpses from time to time when we are clicking on all cylinders. This is a frequency I like to describe as “flow.” Every human being has this innate ability which can harness a channel of greatness. We all have the capability of overcoming challenges beyond measure with limitless potential. I’ve been in this flow state a few times in my life, but never for long. I remain open to it while finding an organic release within myself. I journey to develop a life worth sharing as a lighthouse of inspiration for others.

The mind portion of wellness is having the conscious and subconscious be cleansed of negative rooted thoughts and/or beliefs. This allows for positive trajectory and well-rounded manifested thinking processes. The body has so many fundamental aspects to consider, but my personal focus revolves around movement of the body and nutrition. It is imperative we educate ourselves on what the body requires to perform in an optimal health state. I train new and frequent movements daily to prime my body for speaking the language of flow. Eating health consciously is an operation of feeling our best, so we can move and function at our best in all endeavors we engage in.

Being well in the spirit is like opening a doorway to one’s higher self. It allows a person to communicate authentically without filters about who they are and who they truly want to become. Through the spirit, one can find the building blocks to their life’s purpose. Meditation and other forms of faith increase my enhancement in this category. The heartbeat of who we are is love. I describe this as the act of stepping into compassion selflessly as if driven by a higher purpose. This is at the core of what unites us all. We reach a connectivity that’s primarily felt as an emotion we experience. Having love for others as well as ourselves becomes wellness fuel for the journey.

Wellness is limitless potential discovered through experiences and embraced in the moments we create for ourselves.

I’m so passionate and fascinated about the topic of wellness and how it applies to every person so differently. We are perfectly imperfect which makes life sacred and precious. To have all the above components circulating at once requires discipline, sacrifice, and consistency to carryout lifestyle patterns that produce our peak frequencies. If someone can feel this flow language trying to communicate with them, they should act impulsively when they’re in it to conquer fears and doubts. This flow is their inner passion projecting its way into the world through their actions. I love the question of what wellness means to a person, and I plan on using it to initiate wellness coaching with new clients. I enjoy asking this question to people in general, because it taps into an intimate place where majestic properties can come uncovered. It’s like being able to share in someone’s darkest secrets, and I honor this gift whenever I have an opportunity to receive it.

Namaste-Well my friends,


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